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Here you will find information about the kind of guitar played on

a particular song. This list is based on live observation (videos, concerts).

Often the guitar used in the studiois the same as live on the tour directly after

the release of the album..



Mark didn't change guitars for individual songs in this time.

He played them all on one of his two red Fender Strats,


Water Of Love: black Telecaster , on the album it was the National

Setting Me Up: black Telecaster or Gibson Les Paul Special



All songs on his red Schecter Strat , except

Tunnel Of Love and

Where Do You Think You're Going : sunburst Schecter Strat , the replacement for the stolen one.

Portobello Belle: sunburst Fender Telecaster or  Rickenbacker (Milano, 1981)


Angel Of Mercy: Burns Baldwin 12-string

Solid Rock, Telegraph Road: black Schecter Tele

Romeo & Juliet: National Style O



All songs on his red Schecter Strat , except

Industial Disease: Erlewine Automatic

Romeo & Juliet, intro of Telegraph Road: National Style O

Love Over Gold, Private Investigations, final solo on Romeo & Juliet: Gibson Chet Atkins

Solid Rock: black Schecter Tele

Tunnel Of Love, Telegraph Road: sunburst Schecter Strat

Two Young Lovers: white Gibson SG

It Never Rains: ??? (has anyone seen this songs on this tour?)



Expresso Love, Why Worry, So Far Away, Sultans Of Swing,

Going Home: red Schecter Strat

Ride Across the River, Tunnel Of Love: sunburst Schecter Strat

Money For Nothing (first half of tour, album), Brothers In Arms: Gibson Les Paul, 1984

Money For Nothing (second half of tour), One World: Steinberger GL 2

Romeo & Juliet: National Style O

Sultans Of Swing (second half of tour), Why Worry (second half of tour): white Schecter Strat

Walk Of Life: red Schecter Tele

So Far Away (Calypso version), Your Latest Trick, Private Investigations: Gibson Chet Atkins

Two Young Lovers: black Schecter Tele

The Man's Too Strong: Ovation Adamas

Solid Rock, Industrial Disease: Erlewine Automatic



Calling Elvis, Heavy Fuel, Planet Of New Orleans,

Sultans Of Swing, Tunnel Of Love, Solid Rock,

Money For Nothing, Brothers In Arms,

Telegraph Road (2nd half of song): flamed Pensa-Suhr

Walk Of Life: red Schecter Tele

Romeo & Juliet, Telegraph Road (first half of song): National Style O

The Bug: white Schecter Strat

Your Latest Trick, Fade To Black: Gibson Super 400

On Every Street, Going Home: red Schecter Strat

Iron Hand: Gibson J45 (album), Godin L.R. Baggs Tele Electro-Accoustic

Two Young Lovers: red Pensa

Private Investigations: Ramirez Classical



Darling Pretty, Imelda, The Bug, No Can Do,

R?diger, Je Suis Desole, Calling Elvis,

Cannibals, Brothers In Arms, Money For Nothing,

The Long Highway, Water Of Love, Going Home,

Are We In Trouble Now: Gibson Les Paul, 1958

Sultans Of Swing, Telegraph Road, Gravy Train: flamed Pensa-Suhr

(in Cologne, July 1st, 1996 he played SoS and TR on a flamed Pensa with three single coils)

Vic And Ray: black Pensa-Suhr

Walk Of Life: red Schecter Tele

Romeo & Juliet, Done with Bonaparte : National Style O

I'm The Fool: Fender Stratocaster, 1954

Father & Son, Golden Heart: flamed Pensa with single-coils

A Night In Summer Long Ago: Fender Telcaster, 1954 (A Night in London) , later National Style O



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