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Mark Knopfler's Schecter Strats

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This is the red Schecter Strat that was Mark Knopfler's main axe  from 1980-85. Originally  it had three original Schecter F500T pick ups, which were later replaced with  Seymour Duncan
Vintage (SSL1 ?) and then with  Seymour Duncan Alnico Pros.
Serial No. is S 8218. It has Dunlop frets 6110, today possibly 6105.

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Anything better than a red Schecter Strat? - Yes, two of them.

This is the sunburst Strat which was played on Tunnel of Love on the Making Movies album.
This guitar was stolen soon after the recording of Making movies. 

This guitar has dot markers, the replacement for this that Mark got soon after  hasn't.

articles from my blog about this  guitar: 
Mark Knopfler’s stolen sunburst Schecter Strat of Tunnel of Love



And here is the replacement for the stolen first sunburst Strat.
This one has no dot markers and the output jack is on the side of the body
The serial no. is S8001.

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