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This list does not include all of Mark Knopfler's guitars over the years, but  these are the most  important ones.

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Fender Stratocaster, red, 1961/2, maple cap
This was the main axe with early Dire Straits

Fender Stratocaster, red, 1961, rosewood
Knopfler's first Strat which he still uses today

Fender Stratocaster, 1954
The "Jurassic Strat", an original Strat from the first year of production



Fender Telecaster Custom, sunburst
Played by David Knopfler in early Dire Straits

Fender Telecaster, black (belongs to David Knopfler)

Fender Telecaster, blonde, 1954

Pensa-Suhr / Pensa

Pensa-Suhr, flamed

Pensa-Suhr, black

Pensa, red (see guitars on On Every Street tour)

Pensa, flamed

Pensa, flamed

Pensa-Suhr, synthi-guitar


Gibson Les Paul

Les Paul, 1984

Les Paul, 1958

Les Paul, 1959

Les Paul Special

Schecter (Strats and Teles):

Schecter Strat, candy-apple red
The main Strat with Dire Straits during the 80ies

Schecter Strat, candy-apple red
played live by Hal Lindes, almsot identical to the first

Schecter Strat, sunburst
the guitar of Tunnel pof Love that was stolen

Schecter Strat, sunburst 
the replacement for the stolen one

Schecter Strat, white
the one with a Fender decal

Schecter Tele, black

Schecter Tele, candy-apple red
of Walk of Life


other Gibsons

Super 400

Chet Atkins, nylon strings

SG, white

other Guitars

National Style O, 1937

Burns Baldwin, 12-string

Ovation Adamas

Steinberger GL2

Erlewine Custom


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