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Mark Knopfler's Fender Telecasters with Dire Straits

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This is David's black Telecaster Thinline. Mark used it live on Water of Love in the late 70ies and David on Wild West End.

The Telecaster Thinline was originally a hollow-bodied guitar with f-holes. The f-holes were filled by Steve Phillips of the Notting Hillbillies, who also painted it black.

It was tuned to open A and capoed at the 5th fret. S-No. is probably 226254

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This is Mark's sunburst Telecaster Custom, serial.no. is probably 178112. It was bought in the early days of Dire Straits. They drove up North somewhere near Leeds on advice of Steve Phillips to get it. It cost them 200 pounds.

In the early days David played it live. Later Mark played it on the OES tour on Setting me up and on some NHB tours.

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