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From 1987-1992 Mark played mainly guitars build at Rudy Pensa's Music Stop in New York. The First ones were build by John Suhr, who is now at Fender. These were called Pensa-Suhr.

This was Mark's main axe for many years.

The first big gig he used it on was at Nelson Mandela's 70th birthday in 1988.

This guitar is fitted with a quilted maple top and EMG pick ups.

It has an active tone control.




This is the black Pensa-Suhr, also with EMG pick ups.
He got it about 1987. You can hear it on Let it be (Ferry Aid)
or on Vic and Ray on the 1996 tour.



Mark got this guitar at the time of Golden Heart.
He played this song on it on his last tour.
It has a mahogany back, a flamed koa top and
three single-coil pick-ups (Lindsy Fralin '54).



Pensa-Suhr R - Custom (Synth guitar controler)
The first Pensa-Suhr built for Mark. It controlled the

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Mark's latest Pensa has a mahagony back, a flamed maple top
and three single-coil pick-ups (Seymour Duncan Antiquity).
It also has a shorter scale (Gibson scale).




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