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In 1984 Mark got this red Tele with bindings. He first used it on the

soundtrack Cal. Live he uses it on Walk of Life.

Serial No. is S8703.

You can also hear this guitar on the soundtrack Cal.


In 1985 he got this guitar, which was assembled by John Suhr.

Neck and body are Schecter, the bridge is Fender.

It is equipped with Seymour Duncan Alnico Pro pick ups.

The frets are Dunlop 6110.

Note: the decal on the headstock says Fender, but it isn't.


This guitar was used from 1980 on.

He played Solid Rock on it from 1980-83 , Telegraph Road in 1981 and Two Young Lovers in 1985/86.

Serial No. is S8421.

Today it has a white pickguard.


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