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Les Pauls

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This is a reissue of a late 50ies Les Paul Standard, built in 1984.

Mark used it a lot on Brothers in Arms (Money for Nothing, Brothers in Arms).

Thie picture was taken on Live Aid in 1985.


Here's the real thing !

A Les Paul Standard from 1958.

This guitar is worth a fortune. Originally it looked like the

1984 Les Paul above, but with the years the red faded.

It has the original PAF pick ups.

This is Mark's main guitar on the Golden Heart tour.

articles from my blog about Knopfler's les Pauls
Sunburst and unburst Les Pauls from the late 50ies

This is Mark's second old Les Paul, a 1959 Les Paul Standard.


Here's his first Gibson, a 1959 Les Paul Special ,with two cutaways

and two single coils. The Bigsby vibrato was later removed.

This picture was taken on a gig with the Cafe Racers in 1976,

before Dire Straits.


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